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AfricaWorx is a foundation started by Carmen Tosca Grobler to help and spread awareness for charity programmes that speak to her heart.

The first project AMADO is a non-profit organisation that Carmen has been supporting by sponsoring children with disabilities, to receive animal assisted therapy through horses. The results and changes that these children undergo and have experienced is evidence of the amazing work done by M’Lani Basson, a woman who gives all her time and effort to make a difference in these children’s lives, helping them to have a higher quality life and a future. All of this is dependant on sponsorships and donations. Read this success story.

Have a look at the wonderful and life changing work AMADO does on this video and the links below and please support them to be able to continue doing this by using the Paypal button on the right or contact us.

The mission of Amado is to influence others to look past race, intellectual ability and so-called norms. To help these children take charge of their own lives and their position in their communities through the therapeutic qualities of horses.

Amado has one goal in mind: to help the children of South Africa develop into empowered individuals who can stand on their own feet, proud and tall.

Amado helps 60 special needs children every week. Lives have been changed forever.

Says M’Lani: ”Six years ago when we started, 7 of our children were wheelchair bound. Today, not one of them uses their wheelchairs for much more than a seat. One girl could not bath herself at age 16. Her father had to help her in and out of the bath. Today, three years on, she works as a librarian on the farm she grew up on. Her favourite pastime is taking long bubble baths by herself! We need your help to continue creating these miracles”

A passionate M’Lani expressed the huge need for such therapy and discussed the emotional and physical benefits to the children when interacting with the horses and dogs. She explained that the demand is so great, but “unfortunately we can’t take all the children, so we try and take the worst of the worst case scenarios.

This is often the first form of therapy that the children receive in their lives.” M’Lani continued to explain that their biggest challenge is finances and getting the message across to people of the enormous impact that their work has on so many lives. “Children who haven’t spoken, speak because they have to stop the horse, children who have never walked in their lives are now, two years on, walking.

It's big things, community changing things, job creating things and the programme works.”

M'Lani was recently nominated for the Mail & Guardian Young South African Award:

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To provide for and help as many children and animals in need as we possibly can - for those who are being abused and left destitute. Through effective implementation of certain therapies, install a sense of worthiness in all beings cared for and inspiring hopes and dreams for a beautiful future. Helping to alleviate suffering to those who cannot help themselves.

AfricaWorx serves with integrity and a quality that surpasses the mediocre. We believe in what we do, that it fulfills a greater cause and purpose and we are creating a legacy. We do this by making an impact globally and by our accomplishments a ripple effect is created.

Our mission is to be an inspiration for others and contribute to a greater universal cause.

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