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Our Current Project: AMADO - Animal Assisted Therapy

Amado children

The animal assisted therapy centre, AMADO, was established in Paarl in 2006 and registered as a NPO in January 2008.

The beneficiaries of AMADO are 60 vulnerable and disabled children. When the Centre opened its doors we had seven children in wheelchairs. Today, not a single one of them uses their wheelchairs full-time any longer. Through the therapy programme they are mobile and confident enough to even walk the horses!

One of our children is now 12. When she started in the programme two years ago, she did not speak due to trauma experienced. She gained confidence on the back of a 400kg horse who was not going to hurt her and to whom she could whisper her fears. Today, she is one of the most articulate children in her class.

A 16-year-old with cerebral palsy, who had been wheelchair bound her whole life, is indeed on her own two feet now, due to therapy at AMADO. Her muscles have strengthened and she has newfound confidence in her ability to stand. She can now get in and out of the bath on her own, which means the world to a teenage girl whose father had to carry het in our out of the bath before she joined the Centre.

That same girl continued in the programme until she had to leave Ligstraal School for Disabled Children and AMADO was able to find employment for her in a library.

It is in cases like this, where parents and guardians who were housebound, caring for their wheelchair-bound child, can find employment and earn much-needed wages when the child becomes independent.

Mobility, the boosting of teenagers’ self-esteem and communication skills as well as the discipline where children with attention-deficit problems start to focus, have enabled AMADO to assist in finding employment for the 18-year-olds once they had to leave the safety net of their school.

It was during the screening of a video made by judges of a national competition that there was not a dry eye in the house. When they saw reserved children, hunched in their wheelchairs, carried to a horse’s back. And they saw how the same shy children lift their heads, proudly square their little shoulders, laugh with enthusiasm and take the reigns in their own, often paralysed hands, the tears started rolling down the cheeks of the audience.

“I am always so busy with the children and the horses – talking, playing, excercising – that it was only on the big screen that I actually realised how happy and proud the children are on and around the horses,” M’Lani said in receiving the winner’s award.

“I too, could then not fight back the tears.”

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